23 micron 150% stretch 500mm x 1450 - CLEAR


Dimensions 13600 x 50 x 0 cm (5,354.33x19.69x0.00 inches)

We supply a versatile selection of high-quality recyclable machine stretch films, that range from 17 to 30 Micron thick. These are available in many different colours including clear, black, white and blue tint. All of our machine films meet ISO 9001 quality standards by being frequently tested and monitored. Our machine films provide excellent cling to help secure loads, whilst also helping to save time for continuous production.
•	Various micron from 17-30mu
•	Available in various colours; clear, blue, white and black
•	For bulk orders please get in touch with sales@orbipackaging.com.
No. of Packs Package Type No. of Units Pack Price
No. of Pallets Package Type No. of Units Pack Price
1-4 Pallets PALLET 46 £24.99
5+ Pallets PALLET 46 £23.75
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