Safety Knifes

Safety Knifes

We provide a very large range of safety knives and cutters that can be used for many different operations. They are ideal for cutting stretch film and plastic strapping.  We offer many knives with lockable blades for safety purposes and options that come with a lanyard hole and penclip holders as standard. Left and right cutters are available to purchase.

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OPBDP100I MRK Replacement Blades- Box of 1000 100x100x100 mm 10x10x10 cm 3.94x3.94x3.94 inches 1 N/A £20.74 20.74 Buy
OPCX3I Multipurpose Safety Cruze Cutter 100x100x20 mm 10x10x2 cm 3.94x3.94x0.79 inches 12 N/A £29.00 2.42 Buy
OPMA1-RBI Multi-function Cutter Safety Knife Blades 100x100x100 mm 10x10x10 cm 3.94x3.94x3.94 inches 12 N/A N/A Buy
OPMA1I Multi-function Cutter Safety Knife 100x100x30 mm 10x10x3 cm 3.94x3.94x1.18 inches 12 N/A £15.04 1.25 Buy
OPMRKI MRK Metal Retractable Knife 200x100x20 mm 20x10x2 cm 7.87x3.94x0.79 inches 12 N/A £45.60 3.80 Buy
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