Pallet Wrap and Stretch Films

Pallet Wrap and Stretch Films

Pallet wrap and stretch films play a crucial role in ensuring the secure and damage-free delivery of products for your business. These reliable packaging materials provide an extra layer of protection during shipping, reducing the risk of items getting damaged or displaced. Orbi packaging stretch wrap is expertly designed to tightly wrap around your pallets, stabilising loads and prevents any shifting or movement during transit.

Our wide range of Orbi Wrap and Wrapforce films guarantees that your products arrive at their destination intact and in optimal condition. Orbi Packaging stretch films offer versatile packaging solutions for individual items, allowing you to bundle and protect them efficiently. With their exceptional elongation properties, stretch films conform to the shape of the products, offering superior load retention and safeguarding against dust, moisture, and other potential hazards you pallets and loads may face. Ensuring your pallets and products are appropriately wrapped and packaged guarantees the safe delivery of your customer orders, upholding your reputation for quality and reliability. 

With a wide range of microns, lengths, colours and stretch in stock, you won't be disappointed with Orbi Packaging Pallet Wrap and Stretch Films

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