Air Pillow Machines

Air Pillow Machines

Available in both manual and automatic, air pillow machines are a great solution to provide quick and easy protective air pillows. Air machines are great for any business big or small as they are easily transportable and ideal for use on packing stations. 

Our range of air pillow machines have varying speeds to suit all needs, they are lightweight and have quick start up times to help get production started within minutes. 

Get in touch today by calling 0121 308 811 or alternatively emailing and we can quote you on our desired quantities. Our wholesale prices are extremely competitive and our lead time on delivery can be as early as next day!

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OPPW1I Pacplan Airwave 1 Pillow System 1 N/A £1214.29 1214.29 Buy
OPPW2I Pacplan Airwave 2 Pillow System 1 N/A £2566.40 2566.40 Buy
OPPWN3I Pacplan Airwave 3 Pillow System 1 N/A N/A Buy
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