About Us

At Orbi Packaging, our team of packaging experts boasts over 35 years of industry experience spanning various sectors. As a tight-knit, family-oriented group, we operate on a national level, delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions at the most competitive rates possible. Our comprehensive range will cover all your business packaging needs, including pallet hand wrap, stretch wraps, boxes, custom printed tapes, luxury packaging and more.

Established in 2021 under the umbrella of Orbital Industries, Orbi Packaging leverages the extensive expertise of a company renowned for its 30-year specialisation in shrink wrap film and shrink wrap machines. With an extensive customer base benefiting from our exceptional products, we've brought this legacy to the forefront of Orbi Packaging. Our unique offering lies in the option to order our top-tier products in smaller quantities, ensuring both the highest quality and unbeatable prices remain accessible to all.

Alongside our unparalleled customer service, we are committed to making a significant impact on sustainability. Our guarantee extends beyond mere words – we actively work to reduce your carbon footprint, minimise plastic usage, and drive tangible cost savings. With our unique approach, you can expect not only exceptional service but also a partnership that contributes to a greener future while enhancing your bottom line.

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